From local communities to global initiatives, we’re proud to support organizations and individuals dedicated to creating
a better world

The organizations and events we currently support include the John Muir Health Women's Philanthropic Circle, Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce, Friends of Clausen House Dance, the Global AIDS Interfaith Alliance, White Pony Express, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce

The Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce is recognized as the region's leading business association, dedicated to fostering a thriving, well-balanced community. As stated in its mission statement, the chamber advocates common business interests in creating a strong local economy by promoting the community, representing the interest of business with government, providing excellent networking opportunities and engaging in political action.

Global Aids Interfaith Alliance (GAIA)

For those committed to the world's poorest people, the Global AIDS Interfaith Alliance (GAIA) delivers quality healthcare and disease prevention strategies to impoverished African villages. The needs of women and girls are our highest priority.

White Pony Express (WPE)

White Pony Express logo.

Many in our community cannot afford to feed themselves properly for temporary periods. Children, seniors, people with disabilities and low-income families often do not have access to fresh, nutritious food. For some, donated food can free them to pay for rent, or needed medical services.

We know there are many food retailers that would be pleased to donate their excess food if there was a way to deliver it to people in need.

We've learned there are many food service organizations and shelters in our county that need more food to serve their clients, but none have enough staff to pick it up from donors.

White Pony Express identifies neighborhood programs in Contra Costa County that provide food to those in need. White Pony Express picks up the excess food from donors and delivers it quickly to these programs.

There are people in our community who can't afford to feed themselves properly or clothe themselves adequately for the weather or to get a job. There are children in our county who don't have proper clothing for the season and for school. These children don't have books to read and toys to play with that help build a sense of full participation in life.

At the same time, many retail business owners and managers would welcome a way to donate their surplus goods to neighbors in need if someone were able to pick up these goods and deliver them.

The spirit of sharing and caring enriches the lives of both donors and recipients. Donors feel the joy of making open-hearted contributions to the common good. Recipients are helped to move from the margins to the mainstream and to share in a fuller and happier life.

White Pony Express Free General Store identifies people in need and programs in Contra Costa County that are helping these people lift themselves out of poverty. We then partner with donors, picking up their surplus goods and delivering them to our neighbors, either through community groups that serve them or directly at delightful events we stage called "Boutiques".

Francis in the Schools

Francis in the Schools is a free and fun-filled one-day educational outing offered for children in schools, summer camps, and residential complexes. The program is designed as a non-denominational civics lesson about Francis of Assisi and also as an outdoor celebration of the abundant beauty of the earth that was so loved by this remarkable figure for whom the San Francisco Bay Area was named.

John Muir Health Women's Philanthropic Circle

John Muir Health Women's Philanthropic Circle provides women an exciting opportunity to combine their resources to fund advanced medical technology and to maintain the healthcare excellence expected in our community. The Circle began in 2002 with 25 members and has grown to 56 members. In the nine years since its inception, the Circle has raised nearly $450,000. Its funds are distributed annually to various departments through a voting process and have been used for items such as a digital ultrasound system, patient tracking system, capsule endoscopy system and many other prioritized needs. Additionally, members are invited to attend three education seminar luncheons each year and are welcome to bring guests. These luncheon seminars are held in the spring and fall with a holiday luncheon in late November or December.