The goal of investing is more than just financial growth

Align your investments with your values

Through our ESG portfolios, Invera Wealth Advisors offers our clients the option to invest in companies that demonstrate high standards of responsibility toward society and the environment. The term "ESG" refers to the environmental, social and corporate governance factors that we consider when selecting positions for the portfolio. We combine rigorous financial analysis with an equally rigorous analysis of the ESG characteristics of a company. This "double diligence" performs two functions: it allows our socially conscious clients to align their investments with their personal values, and it allows us to identify companies with ESG characteristics that will enhance their financial value and sustainability over time.

The expertise of the Invera team confers a unique experience in creating this type of portfolio. Our ESG advisor, Jessica Higgins, holds Masters Degrees in both sustainable development and environmental policy. Her previous work on environmental and social issues gives her important insight into the ESG issues that matter to our clients. You can read more about Jessica here.

Our selection process for the ESG portfolios is both quantitative and qualitative. We employ positive and negative screens, selecting companies that perform well on ESG criteria while excluding those that perform poorly. We analyze data from more than 300 sources, including broad reporting mechanisms like the Global Reporting Initiative as well as more specialized sources like the Forest Stewardship Council and the Human Rights Campaign.

The practice of aligning investments with values is becoming increasingly popular, and we are pleased to provide this option for our clients. For more information on ESG investing, please visit the U.S. Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment (USSIF). To learn more about investing with Invera Wealth Advisors, please call us toll-free at 888-230-1647 or email us at

Investing involves risk and you may incur a profit or loss regardless of the strategy selected.  Sustainable/Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) considers qualitative environmental, social and corporate governance, also known as ESG criteria, which may be subjective in nature. There are additional risks associated with Sustainable/Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), including limited diversification and the potential for increased volatility. There is no guarantee that SRI products or strategies will produce returns similar to traditional investments. Because SRI criteria exclude certain securities/products for non-financial reasons, investors may forego some market opportunities available to those who do not use these criteria.  Investors should consult their investment professional prior to making an investment decision.